Why buy artificial products when there's a safe, natural alternative?

There are plenty of home fragrance brands selling candles, reed diffusers and room mists. However very few of these products are free from harmful, artificial ingredients.  

It's true that many candles are now made using vegetable wax, such as soy which is far preferable to paraffin wax, however it's surprising that some well-known brands use a combination of paraffin and soy wax. Whilst vegetable wax is safer than paraffin, the majority of manufacturers still use synthetic perfumes to fragrance their products which can produce harmful, sometimes toxic, fumes when heated. Furthermore, many of these artificial-based products are incredibly expensive to buy!

We believe there's no need to use artificial ingredients and have developed beautiful fragrances using plant-based pure essential oils.  Not only are these 100% natural, the essential oils have the added benefit of carrying powerful therapeutic benefits for the mind and body.  We have carefully chosen and blended the oils to create different "moods" that will transform the way you feel with aromas to help you sleep well, relax, uplift, energise and seduce. So our products not only look and smell gorgeous, they make you feel great and enhance your wellbeing.

Our products are all individually handmade and packaged in our studio in the Cotswolds.  We believe in fair pricing and have created a range of beautiful, safe, natural products that are good for you at an affordable price. We try, where possible, to buy from local, UK suppliers and do our best to support local businesses.

We hope you will agree with our philosophy that natural is better than artificial and support a move away from the use of synthetic ingredients in home fragrance and cosmetic products.